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    10.03.2020 16:09:53
    Ziyaretçi : Menekşe Yaren Pak
    Hello, we went on holiday at the weekend and passed by bile. As the last news, I say that the time is running out very quickly. I came to my mind to write articles about daily issues and there were a lot of positive ideas that really interest me on the site. I was surprised which one to write and I picked one. Speaking art is less in number of comments in close relationships than others, but rhythmic art page sharing is very nice. Now let me come to the important words of the theme in today's visual art. My interpretation of the information age of the article group I read is the issue of human relationship with life.

    Dialogue is not only the art of speaking language, that is, by mouth. As many of us know, the power of words speaks not only with expressions, but also with some reflexes of our body, our hands and facial expressions. I think the most beautiful and most intimate of the expression feature is when the facial expression hand reflexes are combined. It will be easier and faster for the other person to listen and understand. That's why teachers teach in the most intimate way. In fact, we adjust our voice according to the subject we are dealing with, and it will be better to visualize and understand the event in our minds. Write diaries or poems, articles and so on. When we come to the news of human relationship with life, some types fill both our way of speaking and our vocabulary with new words. I didn't like writing daily, but even if I don't take the pen in one day, I feel bad. They say they should be grateful for being Ademoğlu, and sometimes man becomes confused when he / she has an idea theme. Already in my daily notebook, telling not only what happened that day, what you did, but also the people you miss, the people you love or your dream tells you how you are. The cohesion attraction between the age of information art and beautiful painting is in close relations parallel to each other. Even important words lose their value when we are so engaged in everyday affairs. Even words designed last minute mean mana and expressions change. As the education group homework writers say, the human relationship with life is not so difficult to understand. I guess it is useful to know that the first words that go through our mind are more accurate than experiencing the words that are accepted as New Year's entertainment, the words in our lives. They say that the diary is private, I think you can explain it to the people you want to read, but not everyone. I use the human relationship with life theme as an imaginary friend. I cry, laugh and write every emotion, like the colors of the painter.

    If I come to the conclusion, I think it will be the heart, not the mouth. I did not say when I was writing the development section, it came to my mind now. You know, do you speak with your heart or mind, if you want to decide this as soon as possible. I think this question changes, so I will communicate with my heart, but the question of whether you talk without using your mind comes after. Of course I do both, but talking with my heart comes with the idea of ??rhythmic art, which means looking emotionally. I don't know, some say no, but I know myself. Don't get me wrong, I'm open to everyone's criticism, but as long as they're not hurtful. Nevertheless, when I forgot the subject again, the most essential state is to share the information, the truth, the thought and the emotion by telling a lot of life events. If I need to come up with ideas about the topic of the day, I don't know what it would be like to mentor like a life coach. We shouldn't forget to pay attention to the spelling rule while preparing homework by considering the visual art relations of the time. It would be better if the article group did not forget the important element such as the art of speaking. We do not provide weather reports, we are processing the information age theme, right? While the education group writes their thoughts about new art content, they never neglect to bring forward the beautiful painters. When human beings have such a strong relationship in their life cycle, information adds value to the art age. They said that they should be grateful to Ademoğlu every time, who should be angry if they say they should be away from coming and going on the bridge between good and evil.

    I often follow art news. In the age of information art, I think it is important to increase the levels of culture and arts. With the excitement of the new year, I decided to develop my knowledge field on these researches. In this way, I further improved my fine painting skills. I will bring my feelings and thoughts about the colors of the painter published by last-minute education group members to another article. I would like to thank everyone who supports life coach ideas that support dreams of rhythmic art in daily affairs in close relationships. I believe that we will perceive how valuable visual art relations are, together with important words on the subject, over time. Instead of being from people who give weather reports instead of article art, I would like to travel in the information age. New art news has the same importance as the life relationship in the society is important. I should be grateful to become a man of time with ideas that think like people. Today, the information age title article about homework was very important for me. My ideas were quite different last year but changed with the new year. I will give more importance to my dreams to paint beautifully like famous painters from now on. In the last-minute flash news category at the end of my writing, it is useful to bring up how important the painter colors are in education.

    Commentary: Menekşe Yaren Pak Art library was written by the visual art writing language group student.
    Compiled by: Site Management members with the approval of Ahmet Nuray.

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